Successful Strategies in Increasing Product Sales with Google Shopping

April 28, 2013 0 Comment 907 views

Product ranks in Google Shopping and Ad Rank in Google AdWords are quantified relevance multiplied by bidding price. The relevance is then called quality.  With Google Shopping, this means that all information you give to Google should be precise, dependable, and should not clash with other information sources called “signals” that are sent out. The more that your data is confirmed from several sources, the stronger the signal it feed to search engines. That is why, it is one of the successful strategies used.

The Importance of Data Quality

It is imperative to observe the quality standards, because when your data is richer, and your quality scores and products scores are better, the smaller amount you pay for your advertisement. This only means that the quality of your data is the key to earning more money. From any search engine’s viewpoint, this totally makes sense. They do not like being spammed, and so do users. No one appreciates it when they are misled in Google Shopping when you select an item with a good price in Google Shopping, just to find a different price when you go to the item’s page.

This really isn’t ancient news, if you reflect like the search engine companies do, you will also understand that they should give relevant results and create better customer experience if they wish to get a bigger market share. Therefore, clean, rich, and well-attributed data is necessary! Google has paid inclusions and the company has pushed for clean, significant, data inputs to product feeds, and confirmable data by cross references to other sources. This means that the subsequent information should all be the similar and in sync:

  • The data on the webpage is visible to humans
  • The on-page semantic markup
  • The data in the product feed

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